• For Community

    We engage with the local community to ensure they have a voice, to promote cohesion and to develop an inclusive service offer for children, young people & families.

    • For Health

    We have a number of services designed to help you take the first steps towards leading a healthier life. Our offer is designed around the five ways to wellbeing which recognises that small improvements in personal wellbeing can help improve mental health and help people to flourish.

    • For Leisure

    Zest provide an inclusive community leisure offer, which includes a Victorian era swimming pool, 2 gyms including a women only gym and a range of fitness classes. Our swimming pool has warmer water with a ramp into the pool and a hoist making it ideal for people with disabilities and is an ideal pool for children’s swimming lessons.

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    • For Work

    Zest provide a range of tailored employment support services and training courses to suit your needs, alongside support to help employers find the right candidates.

    “Its as though they sprinkled magic dust over me”

    Our service includes a tailored needs and skills appointment to ensure you are signposted to the right course.  To enroll or find out more please contact the Zest Team on (0114) 270 2042, E-mail: richard.tinsley@zestcommunity.co.uk

    Or- Complete an online enquiry using the form here.

    We welcome your feedback on our services.