• Our Mission

  • 1.

    To provide a healthy living centre delivering responsive services to tackle local inequalities, including:

    • Health and wellbeing
    • Employment and skills
    • Sport, leisure and recreation
  • 2.

    To foster communities where everyone feels welcomed, valued and can fully participate in the life of the community

  • 3.

    To play an active role in supporting other disadvantaged communities in Sheffield.

The Zest Values

  • Personalised

    To achieve the best personal outcomes we navigate individuals and families through a tailored journey of support that can involve accessing a range of joined up wellbeing support services provided and hosted by Zest.

  • Inclusive

    We strive to keep our services and facilities affordable, physically and culturally accessible. We run a range of tailored sessions including women only and disability specific swim sessions, and host the only ramp access swimming pool in the city.

  • Asset based

    We empower local people and address local need by identifying the strengths within our community.

  • Collaborative

    We collaborate by default in order to identify issues, push for change, develop collective solutions and achieve the best outcomes for our local communities.